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Comprehensive Trade Tracking

Record every detail of your trades with ease. From entry and exit points to trade size and more, our user-friendly interface makes tracking a breeze.

Performance Analysis

Uncover invaluable insights into your trading performance. Our advanced analytics tool helps you identify patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement in your trading strategies.

In-Depth Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports that offer a clear overview of your trading progress over time. Spot trends, analyze outcomes, and refine your strategies for maximum success.

Risk Management Tools

Take control of your risk management strategy with our intuitive tools. Set stop-loss levels, calculate risk-reward ratios, and fine-tune your risk approach for consistent results.

Psychological Insights

Understanding the psychology behind your trading decisions is crucial. Document your emotions and thoughts during each trade to enhance your decision-making process and boost your trading success.

Customizable Strategies

Adapt your trading journal to your unique style. Create custom strategies to organize your trades based on your criteria, ensuring your journal is tailored to your needs.


You'll always have a complete trading journal at your fingertips. It will gives you important insight about who you are as a trader, and what you should focus on to polish up your trading skills.

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  • Futures, Options
  • Trade Planner
  • Custom Reports
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Yes, we respect our customer personal data.

No, personal trading journal entries can be seen only by the user itself.


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