affiliate program


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  2. Read Affiliate Terms & Condition and click on "I Agreed & Activate Affiliate Account" button.
  3. Your will find your affiliate link & marketing materials at Affiliate Dashboard
  4. Share your affiliate link to your trading colleagues or students, if somebody signup through your referral link and successfully subscribed to the trading journal within 30 days, then you will get commission as per your affiliate rank's commission rate. Commission rate start from 20% to 50%.


  1. Affiliate advertising must exclude any content that is misleading, deceptive, untruthful or lacks of proper substantiation.
  2. Affiliates must not bid on "tradepa" related keywords on Google AdWords or any Google platform. Brand bidding using the term "tradepa" in pay-per-click ads is also not allowed. Moreover, any language resembling "scam" or "fraud" in ads or landing pages, along with customer incentives for trading journal subscriptions, is strictly prohibited.
  3. Affiliates are strictly prohibited from creating webpages or social media accounts that falsely represent themselves as the owners or creators of the’s trading journal services. They must transparently indicate that their page is a "review" page and that they are being compensated for the review. It is essential to maintain clarity and honesty regarding their affiliation with the product.
  4. Affiliates are explicitly prohibited from publishing or distributing press releases related to "" through any press release platform, website, printed media, or any other press release service. This restriction applies in any manner, shape, or form.
  5. Affiliates are not allowed to bypass the trading journal pages of to generate orders. This means that they cannot directly link to the cart or order forms from any ads or landing pages. The customer must first view the offer as presented by before proceeding to the cart or making a purchase.
  6. Affiliates are strictly prohibited from using spying tools with the intention of duplicating successful advertisements. The use of duplicate advertisements or landing pages will lead to the suspension of their account without prior notification. It is essential to refrain from such practices to ensure compliance with the guidelines and policies.
  7. Affiliates are strictly forbidden from using adware as a method of advertising's trading journal. This means that they cannot use adware software or similar tools to promote the product. Such practices are strictly prohibited to ensure fair and ethical advertising practices.
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